Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to Clown Town!

My new clown collection is growing...

Welcome, welcome my friends to Clown Town.

Do you love clowns like I do? I hope you join me often. We can celebrate the exhilirating hideousness that is the CLOWN.

Do you hate clowns? Suffer from Coulrophobia? Perhaps this site can become your therapy to overcome your fears. Why pay for an expensive mental health professional, when you can just visit here whenever you like - for free?! Well, for just the cost of your internet connection.

Either way - welcome.

This site sprang from the realization that as I start my collection of clown ephemera - real, physical clowns, like those in the photo - I've also been collecting digital clowns. I've been taking photos, and finding them on other sites, and then there's all of the videos out there... my goal is to collect them here. Just think of it as the digital part of my collection.


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