Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oyster Run Today!

Today is the biggest biker rally in the Pacific Northwest - the Oyster Run. It's a spectacle of bikers, bikes, and sometimes - CLOWNS!

Beep beep!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good for Nothing Bill

Apparently Bill is a clown, and he's good for nothing. He can dance and juggle a mean streak, but he has a weakness for the ladies. And it sure seems like the ladies like him too!

Meanwhile, a very squeaky clean trio sings a fantastic folk song documenting poor Bill and his foibles...

What the hell?!!!

I love this song, love this video. I can watch it again and again and always enjoy it.

Hope you enjoy it too!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Clown Motel

Last year about this time my husband and I were planning a trip to Las Vegas for a really fantastic music event, Matador 21. We decided to drive and camp along the way, but as I was researching our route I discovered -


Clown Motel, Tonopah Nevada

Tonopah Nevada is the home to the one and only Clown Motel. Should you ever find yourself in Tonopah, I highly recommend staying there. Rates were reasonable, it was clean, and did I mention there are clowns. LOTS of clowns. The only problem we had was that we were right next to the room with a variety of electronics and an ice machine, and it kept my husband awake. Other than that, it was a great place to stay! Here's a few of the highlights, mostly from the lobby of the motel.

I stood in the same room as this clown and lived to tell the tale

One last lovely bit of clown art...

Thwaak! OW!!!

Tonopah is an interesting old mining town, full of old buildings and other historical tidbits. We had a nice evening stroll up the street for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Another bonus to staying at the Clown Motel is the cemetery next door, if you're interested in such things. I AM.

Tonopah Cemetery

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall has fallen...

Autumn is here. It may technically still be a few days away, but the weather has swung towards the cool and cloudy.

Our very brief summer is over.

Halloween is approaching, and that means plenty of scary clowns. Axe wielding, murderous clowns.

Bloody clowns.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Clown Van

Occasionally I like to venture 'round Google street view and look for strange and unusual things. I don't do it often - I worry I could become horribly addicted to it and spend all of my time doing nothing else! I'll leave that to Jon Rafman (who's blog I love).

Anyhow, tonight I decided to plop my little yellow man down in Juarez, Mexico. The first thing I saw was a grafitti covered wall, and the metal gates and window grates on nearly every home. A couple of blocks later there was a woman sitting on the corner, selling clothing and shoes. Then I traveled into a more commercial area, and I noticed a van with a lot of writing on it. It took a little finagling, but I worked my way close enough to see it.


Such luck. And the Dentista, too...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Working Clowns...

Labor Day is nearly over... that means summer is drawing to an end and we're heading into another season. The holidays are nearly upon us - but we'll get there when we get there. For now, enjoy some clowns at work...

One must get ready for the day. The makeup goes on, just so.

Dressing Room Only

Some clowns work the fences - not in person however. They'd dry up and blow away as dust from the boredom. So they have their picture taken, and then they're put up in strange places to remind you they exist - such as a random gate at a Coney Island circus.

Awww, come on bucko! Don't you want a... balloon?

Some clowns walk to work, because they don't want to use up precious resources.

Clown Girl

Some clowns are out of work, but are willing to get things done - for a price.

Cynthia the Clown at Burning Man 2008

Other clowns put themselves into danger every day, just to entertain people and help keep others safe!


As you wind down your labor day holiday, and think about all of the working folks in the world - don't forget the clowns. They work hard to make people smile and laugh, and deserve the same rights as everyone else. Equal pay, health insurance, and safe working conditions.

Happy Labor Day.