Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My dear clowns!!!

I'm back from vacation - a week off from the world is a good thing! I looked for clowns while I was out and about, but not luck. Probably becuse I didn't frequent any antique or thrift stores...

When I got home it was time to set up my clown appreciation area, on the top of my computer desk. Here it i

My clown collection takes shape...

I have EIGHT things in my collection now! I think it's a lovely combination of wall art and figurines.

As I was cleaining up to get ready to house this collection, I found the circus poster - not sure why it was already sitting on top of the computer desk! Anyhow, I think it explains a lot. It hung on my wall for a very long time when I was a kid - I must have been completely desensitized to clowns at a young age! Between that and JP Patches, I was in for good.

So hang tight. More to come!

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